My Background and a brief Resume

Tue, 05/08/2012 - 14:56 -- darryl

Here's a quick rundown of my professional career.  If you have an interesting project to work on, please feel free to contact me about it.

1972-75Graduated form Van Nuys High School in Los Angeles, CA
1976-78Attended UCLA as a Math major
1979-89Attended CSUN at night and graduated with a BS/Computer Science degree
1978-79Worked on a Hotel MIS for the Moscow World Trade Center, developed in Fortran on DEC PDP-11s running RSX-11
1979-80Worked for Honeywell on an implementation language compiler (similar to PL/I)
1981-82Worked on a Tandem system to support automated billing updates for General Telephone Corp.
1982-83Worked for Raytheon on an office automation project running on AT&T Unix System IV on DEC PDP-11s
1983-91Worked for Interactive Systems, a Unix house; developed C and Fortran compilers, worked on the Unix kernel and disk drivers for Intel 286 and 386 chips
1991-98Worked for Microsoft on networking for Win 95 (I have two patents on Plug and Play Networking from that project), USB HID device support for Win 98 (keyboards, mice, joysticks, touch screens) and I spent a year working on the underlying message store for Outlook
1999-2002Took time off
2003-presentIndependent contractor in web development, focused on Drupal based projects since 2007, received Acquia Developer Certification 6/2014

Regarding the Drupal CMS:  I have experience with Drupal since release 5.7 (see, for example; this is a volunteer organization and after I built their site and trained them, they have run it independently for the last 5 years).  I developed a large site for a Vintage BMW Motorcycle club ( in Drupal 6, which has many user features: forum, photo galleries, video collection, searchable resources database and bibliography and an online store; it also manages all of the membership information, expirations and renewals, and has a backend area for managing the material for the club's magazine.  I built the BMW Rider Association's website ( in Drupal 7, subcontracted on a large travel site ( and have been using my own personal website ( as a test bed for responsive web design, the Media module ecosystem and soon, the Drupal Commerce ecosystem. In June 2014 I took and passed (with a score of 83%) the Acquia Druapl Developer Certification exam.  

I am an experienced and proficient programmer, and I am capable in HTML and CSS, as well as PHP and Javascript.  I have familiarity with jQuery;  I am also able to make things happen with Perl. I have built custom modules and themes for many of the Drupal projects I've done. 

In the more distant past, I was focused on C and C++ development and previously programmed in Fortran, COBOL, TAL, PL/I, APL, BASIC and assembler language for DEC PDP-8, PDP-11, IBM 360/370, Motorola 68000, TI 9900, Intel x86 and more.  While in high school, I developed an Intel 8008 chip emulator in BASIC.