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I've been programming computers since I was in the tenth grade -- which was in 1973.  I was able to learn BASIC at my high school and APL and FORTRAN at the local junior college.  My first job was writing PL/I and soon I was working on compilers.  From there, I went on to Unix kernel work (I worked on the original 386 Unix port) and then on to networking (I have a couple patents on Network Plug and Play).

Now I am into web development.  I've been writing websites for a decade or more, but in 2007 I stumbled into Drupal and have been generally focused there, since.


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I'm an independent contractor, focused these days on web development. I have considerable experience working with the Drupal CMS and very much enjoy constructing solutions that people can take and expand on their own. If you have an interesting project to work on, please feel free to contact me about it.
Acquia Certified Developer 2014 logoI am at DrupalCon Austin, and on Wednesday, I noticed a room off to the side of the hubbub with a sign out front that read "Ac

As the webmaster for the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club, I have to watch over the site and keep it looking good.  There are a couple places on the site that allow anonymous commenting, and they attract the spammers. 

Because I'm using a slightly offbeat CAPTCHA, I've never had a spambot be able to post, which is really excellent. 

If you have been reading about the breakin at LinkedIn, where at least 6.5 million passwords (and probably emails and usernames) were stolen earlier this week, you are probably wondering if anything online is safe.  In an article today in Computerworld, quoting information from the security firm Sophos, lays out in detail the woeful situation. 

I run an email list and also act as amoderator and/or webmaster on several sites.  In the last few months, there has been a big rash of email accounts, especially those on the big name free email providers, getting hacked.  Today there were two members of my email list sending spam mail from their hacked accounts, so I sent a brief request to my listers to change their passwords, use upper and lower case, and make their passwords long.  I got a private reply from a member: